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What's been up with me?

Posted by Lunaverr - May 7th, 2021

Hi, fellas so yeah, I haven't been pumping out new content lately because I've been so drained. Mostly creative fatigue and trying to graduate highschool, but I'm also incredibly upset with how the Friday Night Funkin' community is turning out. To me, the negatives are outweighing the positives. Mods aren't enjoyable anymore, the crew all decided to leave twitter because of how annoying people on twitter are, and honestly I don't blame them? The community is turning toxic.

With Friday Night Funkin' being the thing that got me into Newgrounds (since it wasn't a part of my childhood like it was for most people here, I stayed away from this site when I was little because of how adult it was) seeing people attack others and all the drama going on is honestly super draining. It's ruining my creative motivation, with how people seem to nitpick and judge absolutely everything. It makes me feel ashamed to be a part of the community.

On top of that, I'm kind of tired of the ship wars and people telling me who I shouldn't support? I recently had a friend get outted on youtube/tiktok because he ships picandra (Pico x Cassandra) and kyman (kyle x cartman from South park) and I'm really really REALLY tired of being grouped in with anti-shippers and pro-shippers. It's stupid. And I only ship oc x canon garbage anyway so it's not my problem.

And I don't support behavior in that form. I don't support (or hate) any sort of ship. Like do what you want, but I'm not going to comment on it because that's you doing you. It's not my place to step in. And who's been poking all this drama?

The FNF community.

So? I'm not part of the FNF community anymore. I'm sticking with classic newgrounds content. Pico, Tankman, maybe some ocs, Starbarians, etc. (Not that I made any FNF content recently besides my two songs and the cassandra vs BF thumbnail)

I'm currently working on two more things associated with Friday Night Funkin'.

-An animation with CootieGirl

-A Private Skittles mod. It'll only be a reskin with one custom song. I'm not as motivated to make a whole story with it anymore.

those will be the last two FNF related things I make. I'm not referencing it in any future animations (unless it's a collab with another animator and it's their choice) and I'm not making any more songs with the boyfriend's beep-boops.

I hope you guys understand. I'm not really sure how many people actually care because I'm not popular and I'm not a huge content creator. But either way, if that's what you guys are looking forward to, I apologize.

I do understand that ALL fandoms have their drama and flaws, but it's gotten out of hand. For me anyway.

If you guys have any art suggestions, please drop them below. I need to produce more art since I'm getting more freetime. Yes, I'll draw ocs, I'll draw anything except NSFW. If you guys could help me out, I'd love that <3



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That's kinda sad to hear because I followed you for art you did of FNF, but I can totally see where you're coming from. I've seen tons of negative stuff over the past week and it's sort of making me want to "leave the fandom" too (not that I was really a part of it to begin with). Associating with the fandom often means people will group you with the bad members of it, unfortunately.

But I'm still totally going to stay a fan because your art is sweet! My thoughts are that it's important as an artist to try new things, and if you stick to drawing the same thing for too long it can have it's toll. So I wish you luck with finding new things to draw!

I deeply appreciate it! Now, don't get me wrong, I still LOVE the game and I will be keeping myself updated on it, just any art that I make of it might be private or non-existant and I'm not joining any public groups (on discord for example) associated with it. I'm also not wanting to be-as you say- "grouped" with the people in the fandom either. (honestly, a lot of the people there has gotten me to act different around them, which isn't healthy because I'm too afraid to show my "real self" around them)

honestly? I quite enjoy pico and tankman. Those two medias might be the main focus until I feel comfortable sharing concept art of my own original characters and ideas.
I'd say look forward to that if you want! It won't be a major swap, I just need to get back on my feet and start making art I feel confident in again.

I totally get it man, sometimes I joke about how it's the new Undertale because of how... mainstream and/or toxic the community has gotten?

I personally still love Friday Night Funkin itself so much, and I'm so proud of the creators for staying true to their goal of making a high scale Newgrounds game and supporting the big strange loving family that Newgrounds is :)

That aside tho, it does make me sad to see the overall toxicity that has seeped in :( like, I don't care who you ship, I think they're all fine depending on how you look at it, y'know? Shipping wars in general are just dumb, go take a walk, you hermits... You don't have to like every ship, and you can even hate them, but just don't shame/bully people for it..
It's not even just shipping tho, I get so mad because so many cheapskates are trying to leech off the success with cheap knock off websites and stuff :/

Anyhow, I'm totally looking forward to whatever you put out there!! And I get if you don't wanna do FNF stuff anymore, you're the artist! And I'm ABSOLUTELY looking forward to all the Newgrounds stuff, I need to get into more of the series like Daddy n' me, alien hominid, and all these other stuffs XD

Anyhow, sorry for the long rant but yeah, uh, best of luck and I hope things are better for you soon :)

Thank you so much, man. Honestly, I feel like expanding as an artist should be my goal right now. It's not like I'm making it a career or anything, but I'm working in collaboration with someone who takes animation and art VERY seriously.
either way, I'm just gonna focus on what I want atm.And rn that includes stuff for pico's school and tankman.

And that, my friend, sounds like A PLAN!! You get out there and do all the cool art stuff and see where it takes you, I believe in you!! (hopefully I'll freaking find my stylus and/or make more animations and arts myself!)